County of Westchester  
Planning Board  
Tuesday, January 4, 2022  
9:00 AM  
I. Call to Order  
II. Meeting Dates  
II. Meeting Dates  
A. Tuesday, February 1, 8:30 am  
B. Tuesday, March 1, 8:30 am  
C. Tuesday, April 5, 8:30 am  
III. Adoption of Minutes  
A. Meeting of December 7, 2021  
IV. Chairman's Remarks  
V. Commissioner's Remarks  
VI. Referrals  
A. Ratification of actions taken by staff in response to planning and zoning actions  
referred to the County Planning Board November 16, 2021 through December 15, 2021  
VII. Matters for Board Action  
A. Election of Vice Chair  
B. BPL26 Flood Mitigation - A project to alleviate flooding in the area of Avon Circle  
and Westchester Avenue in the Village of Rye Brook, Amendment of the Planning  
Board Report on the 2022 Capital Project Requests  
VIII. Matters for Board Information  
IX. Other Business  
X. Adjournment