County of Westchester  
Electrical Licensing Board  
Tuesday, January 4, 2022  
Call to Order  
3:00 PM  
Webex Meeting  
1. Approval of the November 9, 2021 meeting minutes.  
New Business:  
1. Nomination and election of a Board Chairman and Vice-Chairman.  
2. Introduce a Motion to renew all eligible Master, Special and Inspector licenses for  
the 2022 renewal year.  
3. Richard Lella (E-1537 Expired 12/31/2018) to reinstate his Master Electrician license  
to shelved status.  
1. Kenneth Kweku of Kweku Development Corp (unlicensed) and Antonio Ferrao of  
Antonio Ferrao Electric (E-780 Expires 12/31/2021) regarding 31 The Blvd., New  
Old Business:  
1. Carl Hoey (E-1497 Expired 12/31/2018) is requesting reinstatement of his Master  
Electrician License to active status.  
Administrative Updates:  
1. 2022 renewal process status update.  
Public Comments:  
Executive Session:  
Discuss hearings.  
Motion to Adjourn  
The next meeting will be held on 03/08/2022