County of Westchester  
Transportation Board  
Friday, January 21, 2022  
8:30 AM  
Virtual Meeting (Webex)  
1. Call to Order, Introductions, Board Members’ Remarks  
2. Commissioner’s Remarks  
Hugh J. Greechan, Jr., P.E., Commissioner  
3. Matters for Board Action  
Approval of Minutes of December 10, 2021 Meeting (Attachment #1)  
Reminder for Future Transportation Board Meeting Dates  
March 11  
June 3  
July 22  
September 9  
December 9  
4. Matters for Board Information  
Division of Fiscal Operations  
Robert Notargiacomo, Program Administrator  
Special Events and Marketing  
Heather Reiners, Program Coordinator  
Operations Highlights  
Westchester County Department of Planning - Transportation Division Report  
Naomi Klein, Director of Transportation Planning  
Report from Westchester County Office for People with Disabilities  
Evan Latainer, Director  
5. Public Participation  
6. Adjournment