County of Westchester  
Emergency Medical Services Board  
Tuesday, May 10, 2022  
6:30 PM  
Emergency Services & WebEx  
The legislation to recognize EMS as an essential service and require municipalities  
to require such service, will most likely take some time, we should move forward  
with developing recommendations for “EMS Standards.” I am thinking we can break  
down into groups by expertise.  
Operational Standards (Primary)  
• Staffing  
• Levels of Service  
• Response / Chute times  
Compensation / Benefits  
• Salaries  
• Healthcare  
• Retirement /Pension  
Medical Standards  
• EMS Training  
• Level of Care/ Service  
In addition to Standards, we need to move forward on what we can do to make  
improvements now.  
• Recruitment / Retention  
• Public Education  
• HERRO program  
Example: Work with MAA to push HERRO with local school districts and perhaps  
Feel free to comment with any ideas/ suggestions prior to our meeting. Thank you  
all for your help and commitment on this board.  
David Dawson