County of Westchester  
Board of Acquisition and Contract  
Thursday, May 5, 2022  
Roll Call  
11:00 AM County Executive Conference Room  
Michaelian Office Building  
Acquisition & Contract.  
Minutes of the meeting 4/28/22 and the SEQR Review for agenda items.  
R. Sculky  
92368 County Executive / Board of Legislators - Enter into an agreement with  
the Young Men’s Christian Association of New Rochelle to provide its  
Summer Camp Enhancements Program, from 1/1/22 - 12/31/22, in an  
amount not to exceed $55,000.  
G. Latimer  
C. Borgia  
92537 County Executive/Youth Bureau - Amend a Gun Violence Prevention  
Plan agreement with the New York State Office of Children & Family  
Services and agreements with Soulful Synergy, LLC, Youth Shelter  
Program of Westchester Inc., YMCA of Yonkers Inc., YWCA of Yonkers,  
Nepperhan Community Center, Inc., Boys & Girls Club of Mount Vernon  
NY Inc., and Yonkers Arts Inc., to extend the termination dates, from  
3/30/22 - 6/30/22, for the provision of positive youth development  
programs for Westchester County youth at high risk or known to have  
involvement in gun violence, at no additional cost.  
D. Madden  
91868 Board of Elections - Enter into a grant agreement with the State of New  
York (NYS Contract No. C004456) to accept Early Voting Expansion  
Grant funding in the amount of $67,455.21, from 4/7/21 - 1/28/22.  
T. Nelson  
D. Colety  
92209 Board of Elections - Enter into an agreement with the Hendrick Hudson  
School District to utilize the Blue Mountain School as a polling place for  
the primary, special and general elections in 2022 which provides as  
follows: “The County of Westchester hereby agrees to defend, indemnify  
and save harmless the Hendrick Hudson School District from and against  
any and all liability, loss, damages, claims for bodily injury and or property  
damages, cost and expense including counsel fees, to the extent  
permissible by law, arising out of the use of the Blue Mountain School by  
the above named organization, its agents, servants, employees and or its  
T. Nelson  
D. Colety  
92745 Board of Elections - Enter into an agreement to agree to hold harmless  
and indemnify the Scarsdale Union Free School District, owner of any  
and all polling places to be used by the County in connection with the  
upcoming Elections in 2022.  
T. Nelson  
D. Colety  
92986 Information Technology / County Executive/Ctywide Admin Svc -  
Enter into License Agreement No. IT-1606 with New York SMSA Limited  
Partnership d/b/a Verizon Wireless, a New York limited partnership, by  
Cellco Partnership, its general partner, for the installation, maintenance  
and operation of transmitting and receiving antennae, radio equipment  
and appurtenant infrastructure and equipment on the county radio  
communication tower and in a County equipment shelter in the  
fence-enclosed compound located within the confines of the County  
Penitentiary and Jail grounds at the Grasslands Campus in Valhalla, New  
York, for a term to commence retroactively on 11/1/17 for a five (5) year  
term to 10/31/22, with two (2) automatic five (5) year renewals unless  
terminated sooner pursuant to the agreement.  
M. Beirne  
C. Steers  
91257 County Attorney - Amend the agreement with McCarthy Fingar LLP,  
pursuant to which it retained McCarthy Fingar, at County expense, to  
serve in an “of counsel” capacity to the County Attorney, as needed, in  
connection with a matter concerning a will and an indenture, which  
specifically affect the County park known as Merestead, by increasing the  
amount by $100,000, from a total amount of $250,000, to a new total  
amount not-to-exceed amount of $350,000.  
J. Nonna  
92393 Planning - Enter into an agreement with the Village of Tuckahoe,  
through the Community Development Block Grant Program, in the not to  
exceed amount of $175,000, from 5/1/22 - 4/30/23, for Playground  
Upgrades at Main Street Park in the Village of Tuckahoe.  
N. Drummond  
92486 Planning - Enter into an agreement with SLR Engineering, Landscape  
Architecture and Land Surveying, P.C. to develop a Bronx River Dams  
Management Plan which will serve as the guide for future implementation  
of critical river management and activities within the County-owned Bronx  
River Parkway Reservation corridor in Westchester County, from 5/1/22 -  
4/30/23, for an amount not to exceed of $89,830.  
N. Drummond  
10. 92512 Planning - Enter into an agreement with Mid-Hudson Pattern for  
Progress, in an amount not-to-exceed $40,000, to be paid through the  
Community Development Block Grant Program, and the grant will be  
used to pay for professional services in connection with updating the  
outdated components of the County-wide Affordable Housing Needs  
Assessment, from 4/15/22 - 4/14/23.  
N. Drummond  
11. 92782 Social Services -Amend the 12/2/21 Resolution to enter into an  
agreement with Legal Services of the Hudson Valley to operate an  
Eviction Prevention Legal Services Program to provide access to eviction  
prevention legal services for at-risk low-income Westchester County  
individuals or families and victims of domestic violence facing eviction and  
loss of permanent housing in Yonkers City Court, Mount Vernon City  
Court, White Plains City Court, Peekskill City Court, the Village of  
Ossining Justice Courts, and other Westchester eviction courts, as  
needed, from 1/1/22 - 12/31/22, for an amount not-to-exceed $1,152,488,  
by reflecting an increase of $145,458, for a new not to exceed amount of  
L. Townes  
12. 92971 Community Mental Health - 1) Enter into an agreement with the United  
States Department of Housing and Urban Development to accept a grant  
in the amount of $9,819,022 under the HUD’s Continuum of Care  
Program in support of the Rental Assistance Project, to provide  
permanent supportive housing for homeless or formerly homeless adults  
with one or more disabilities including mental illness and/or chemical  
dependency disorders, for the term commencing on 3/1/22 - 2/28/23; and  
2) enter into six (6) sub-recipient agreements with the listed agencies for  
the provision of permanent supportive housing for homeless or formerly  
homeless adults with one or more disabilities including mental illness  
and/or chemical dependency disorders, under the HUD’s Continuum of  
Care - Rental Assistance Project, from 3/1/22 - 2/28/23, in a total  
aggregate amount not-to-exceed $9,629,366, in the individual amounts  
M. Orth  
13. 92810 Health - A third contract amendment with Public Health Solutions to  
accept funding for the Early Intervention Services - TriCounty Program  
Grant, for the fourth one-year budget period, from 3/1/22 - 2/28/23, in an  
amount not-to-exceed $134,098.  
S. Amler  
14. 92533 College - Amend an agreement with Huron Consulting Services, LLC for  
the provision of professional consulting services to assist WCC in  
implementing a new financial planning aid system to improve efficiency  
and provide students with an easier process for receiving federal aid,  
state aid and scholarships, in order to change the term thereof from  
10/1/21 - 9/30/22, to on or about 2/7/22 - 12/31/22, and that the payment  
schedule be amended to coincide with the new term of the agreement.  
B. Miles  
15. 92809 College - Enter into a sub-recipient agreement with the Research  
Foundation for the State University of New York through a grant acquired  
through the New York State Department of Labor from the U.S.  
Department of Education for a Project entitled “Education Stabilization  
Fund: Reimagine Workforce Preparation, for the period 1/1/22 - 12/31/22  
with the College to receive up to $223,383.  
B. Miles  
16. 92841 Public Safety - Enter into an agreement with the New York State Division  
of Criminal Justice Services to accept Federal grant funds in the amount  
of $57,211, for the Department to participate in the Paul Coverdell  
Forensic Sciences Improvement Grant Program, from 10/1/21 - 9/30/22.  
T. Gleason  
17. 92843 Public Safety - Enter into an agreement with New York State to accept a  
grant in the amount of $100,000 under its State and Municipal Facilities  
Program (SAM) to purchase a Heavy Duty Response Vehicle, from 5/1/22  
- 4/30/25.  
T. Gleason  
18. 92808 Probation - Pursuant to Section 3(a)(xxi) of the Westchester County  
Procurement Policy and Procedures, to exempt from procurement an  
agreement with The Pre-Trial Services Institute of Westchester, Inc.  
R. Pozzi  
19. 92806 Probation - Retroactively amend an agreement with The Pre-Trial  
Services of Westchester, Inc, to provide pre-trial programs to evaluate  
criminal defendants for potential pre-trial release from prison to ensure  
defendants’ return for future court appearances through PTSI’s structured  
follow-up during the pre-trial release period, from 1/1/21 - 12/31/21, for an  
amount not to exceed $640,249, in order to: 1) extend the term for an  
additional six (6) months, from 1/1/22 - 6/30/22; and 2) increase the  
amount by $260,428, to a new total amount not-to-exceed of $900,677, in  
order to be able to compensate PTSI for additional services to be  
rendered during the extension period.  
R. Pozzi  
20. 92477 DPW/Transportation / DEF / County Executive/Ctywide Admin Svc -  
Amend License Agreement No. 17-918 with the Yonkers Paddling and  
Rowing Club, Inc., (“YPRC”) for the use of County-owned Hudson River  
waterfront property located on Alexander Street in the City of Yonkers, in  
order for the County to exercise its option for an additional five (5) year  
term from 7/1/22 - 6/30/27 for which YPRC will provide insurance  
coverage, will pay all sewer and water charges, if any, and will pay the  
County the listed license fees during the option period, for a total fee of  
$26,347 and revise the description of the licensed space.  
H. Greechan  
V. Kopicki  
C. Steers  
21. 92771 DPW/Transportation - Contract No. 19-510 Rehabilitation of Main Street  
Bridge over Bronx River Parkway and Bronx River (BIN 3348690), City of  
White Plains, New York. Advertise for bids.  
H. Greechan  
22. 92813 DPW/Transportation - Retroactively amend Agreement No. 19-905 to  
2/24/22 with LiRo Program and Construction Management, PE P.C., to  
provide for additional On-Call Construction Administration Services for  
Building construction projects at various locations in Westchester County,  
New York. The Consultant shall provide additional on-call construction  
administration services, and for additional services rendered, the  
consultant shall be paid a fee of $500,000, increasing the total maximum  
fee to $3,250,000, with the completion date to be extended to 2/24/24.  
H. Greechan  
23. 92919 DPW/Transportation - Pursuant to Section 3(a)(xxi) of the Westchester  
County Procurement Policy and Procedures, to exempt from procurement  
an agreement with Avports LLC.  
H. Greechan  
24. 92920 DPW/Transportation - Amend an agreement with Avports, LLC, to  
provide management and operation services at Westchester County  
Airport, in order to extend the term for two years from 6/1/22 - 5/31/24, for  
a total management fee of $2,282,140.  
H. Greechan  
25. 92973 DPW/Transportation / County Executive/Ctywide Admin Svc - Amend  
and extend Lease Agreement No. 21-932 with Ziza Associates, LLC, for  
3,000 square feet of space at 10 County Center Road, Suite 102, White  
Plains, New York, by extending the lease agreement with Ziza for the  
period commencing on 5/1/22 - 6/30/22 for the Leased Premises.  
H. Greechan  
C. Steers