County of Westchester  
Professional Prequalification Board  
Wednesday, May 11, 2022  
3:00 PM  
Virtual Meeting (WebEx)  
I. Call to Order  
II. Environmental Facilities  
A. Refuse Disposal District #1 – Material Recovery Facility and Transfer Station  
Rehabilitation (RD017)  
B. Hastings Pumping Station Influent Sewer Rehabilitation (SNY95)  
C. Ossining Water Resource Recovery Facility – Fire, Gas, and Security Detection  
Systems (SOS07)  
D. Peekskill Water Resource Recovery Facility – HVAC Replacement (SPK23)  
E. McGregory Brook Relief Sewer (SPK26)  
F. Yonkers Joint Water Resource Recovery Facility – Primary Sludge Gravity Thickener  
Piping Replacement and Process Improvements (SY044)  
G. Yonkers Joint Water Resource Recovery Facility – Solids Handling Upgrades  
H. Yonkers Joint Sewer Districts – Sewer Tunnel Rehabilitation (SY053)  
I. County Water District #1 – Alternate Water Supply (WD103)  
J. County Water District #1 – Rehabilitation of the 48” Kensico-Bronx Pipeline (WD105)  
K. Project Management Services (Environmental Facilities)  
III. Consultant Qualification Lists  
IV. Adjournment