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Department Name TypeMeeting LocationMembersVacancies
Acquisition and Contract Department148 Martine Avenue, 5th floor, Room 528 White Plains NY 10601  
Advisory Council on People with Disabilities Boards or Commission 5 
African American Advisory Board Boards or Commission 17 
Agriculture and Farmland Protection Board Boards or Commission 1 
Airport Advisory Board Boards or Commission 8 
Arab American Advisory Board Boards or Commission 2 
Asian American Advisory Board Boards or Commission 6 
Board of Acquisition and Contract Primary Legislative BodyCounty Executive Conference Room Michaelian Office Building3 
Board of Ethics Boards or Commission 7 
Board of Health Boards or Commission 13 
Board of Plumbing Examiners Boards or Commission 8 
Citizen's Consumer Advisory Council Boards or Commission 2 
Climate Smart Communities Task Force Boards or Commission 12 
Community Services Board Boards or Commission 6 
Correction Advisory Board Boards or Commission 5 
Council for Seniors Boards or Commission   
County Executive Department   
Criminal Justice Advisory Board Boards or Commission 26 
Deferred Compensation Board Boards or Commission 8 
Domestic Violence Council Boards or Commission 8 
Electrical Licensing Board Boards or Commission 3 
Emergency Medical Services Board Boards or Commission 11 
Fair Housing Board Boards or Commission 4 
Fire Advisory Board Boards or Commission 5 
Hispanic Advisory Board Boards or Commission 3 
Historic Preservation Advisory Committee Boards or Commission   
Housing Opportunity Commission Boards or Commission 2 
Human Rights Commissions Boards or Commission 7 
Independent Office of Assigned Counsel Board of Directors Boards or Commission 10 
Industrial Development Agency Boards or Commission 7 
Labs & Research Board of Managers Boards or Commission 6 
LGBTQ Advisory Board Boards or Commission 14 
Local Development Corporation Boards or CommissionBleakley Conference Room Michaelian Office Building7 
Parks, Recreation, and Conservation Board Boards or Commission 8 
Planning Board Boards or CommissionWilliam N. Cassella Conference, Room 420,148 Martine Ave. White Plains , NY 106015 
Police Board Boards or Commission 5 
Probation Advisory Board Boards or CommissionVirtual - Webex5 
Professional Prequalification Board Boards or Commission 5 
Refuse Disposal District No. 1 Advisory Board Boards or Commission   
Soil and Water Conservation Board Boards or Commission 2 
Solid Waste Commission Boards or Commission 6 
Storm Water Advisory Board Boards or Commission 5 
Traffic Safety Board Boards or Commission   
Transportation Board Boards or Commission 4 
WC Tax Commission Boards or Commission 3 
WC Taxi and Limousine Commission Boards or Commission 8 
Women's Advisory Board Boards or Commission 1 
Youth Board Boards or Commission 6