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Department Name TypeMeeting LocationMembersVacancies
A - G1 Advisory Boards G1   
Acquisition and Contract Department148 Martine Avenue, 5th floor, Room 528 White Plains NY 10601  
Advisory Council on People with Disabilities Boards or Commission 5 
African American Advisory Board Boards or Commission 17 
Agriculture and Farmland Protection Board Boards or Commission   
Airport Advisory Board Boards or Commission 8 
Arab American Advisory Board Boards or Commission 2 
Asian American Advisory Board Boards or Commission 6 
B - G1 Advisory Boards G1   
Board of Acquisition and Contract Primary Legislative BodyCounty Executive Conference Room Michaelian Office Building3 
Board of Ethics Boards or Commission 7 
Board of Health Boards or Commission 12 
Board of Plumbing Examiners Boards or Commission 8 
Citizen's Consumer Advisory Council Boards or Commission 2 
Climate Smart Communities Task Force Boards or Commission 12 
Community Services Board Boards or Commission 6 
Correction Advisory Board Boards or Commission 5 
Council for Seniors Boards or Commission 11 
County Executive Department   
Criminal Justice Advisory Board Boards or Commission 26 
Deferred Compensation Board Boards or Commission 8 
Domestic Violence Council Boards or Commission 8 
Electrical Licensing Board Boards or Commission 3 
Emergency Medical Services Board Boards or Commission 11 
Fair Housing Board Boards or Commission 4 
Fire Advisory Board Boards or Commission 5 
Hispanic Advisory Board Boards or Commission 3 
Historic Preservation Advisory Committee Boards or Commission 7 
Housing Opportunity Commission Boards or Commission 2 
Human Rights Commissions Boards or Commission 7 
Independent Office of Assigned Counsel Board of Directors Boards or Commission 10 
Industrial Development Agency Boards or Commission 7 
Labs & Research Board of Managers Boards or Commission 6 
LGBTQ Advisory Board Boards or Commission 14 
Local Development Corporation Boards or CommissionBleakley Conference Room Michaelian Office Building7 
Parks, Recreation, and Conservation Board Boards or Commission 12 
Planning Board Boards or CommissionWilliam N. Cassella Conference, Room 420,148 Martine Ave. White Plains , NY 1060112 
Police Board Boards or Commission 5 
Probation Advisory Board Boards or CommissionVirtual - Webex5 
Professional Prequalification Board Boards or Commission 5 
Refuse Disposal District No. 1 Advisory Board Boards or Commission   
Soil and Water Conservation Board Boards or Commission 2 
Solid Waste Commission Boards or Commission 6 
Storm Water Advisory Board Boards or Commission 5 
Traffic Safety Board Boards or Commission   
Transportation Board Boards or Commission 4 
WC Tax Commission Boards or Commission 3 
WC Taxi and Limousine Commission Boards or Commission 8 
WC Taxi and Limousine Commission G1 Advisory Boards G1WebEx  
Westchester Tobacco Asset Securitization Board Boards or Commission 3 
Women's Advisory Board Boards or Commission 1 
Youth Board Boards or Commission 7